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Rechargeable 36pcs 0.5 W LED + 1 W Torch Emergency Light, The LED lamp comes with an on and off button. It helps you to switch the light on and off when desired and needed, This LED product from Everest comes with a small light that is the charger indicator to indicate if the product is being charged or if it is deprived of charge and needs charging.

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  • Charging & Backup Time: Everest emergency torch and lantern comes with overcharge and deep discharge protection. The emergency torch and lantern take up to 8 hours to completely charge. The head light(torch) comes with an 8 hours of battery backup and if used as a lantern it runs for 2.5 hours with front strong light and 8 hours with front dim light
  • Press the Button for The First Time, Torch light Would Be ON, For the Second Time, LED Light Would be On, For Third Time LED light is Dimming till the Weakest ,One More Press The Light Switch OFF.
  • Bright LED Light: The LED technology integrated in Emergency Torch/Lantern is a uniquely developed solution by Everest . While instantly turned on, it enables an optimal light output and brings out vivid colors in your home
  • Three Lighting Modes: Everest Emergency Torch light and lantern comes with three different lighting modes i.e., the Head light mode (can be used as torch), dim light and strong light (can be used as emergency light or as an emergency lantern)
  • Duration: Torch: 10 hours/torch light LED Light: 2.5 hours/strong light 10 hours/weak light
  • Dimension: 106X80X228mm

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