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This immersion heater from Everest comes with a copper tube with a nickel outer covering. It has been specially designed for heating water quickly and consumes 1000W. The handle remains cool to touch even when the rod is hot

Category: Water Heater
Subcategory: Immersion Rod
SKU: EV 1500 W SP


  • The immersion heating rod from Everest is an ISI certified product.
  • One Of A Kind Immersion Water Heater, Totally Shock Proof Don'T Worry Just Drop It Into The Water Bucket and your hot water is ready.
  • This is an ideal option for heating up water during winters. Please check compatibility of power socket before use - earthing recommended Keep safe distance from children, Swith off the current before taking heater out of water,
  • Please observe the minimum and maximum levels given on heater plate, Don't Touch the water while current is on.

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